Black Lagoon

In Case You Didn't know ,

it's tha Peter Black 2008 show

I just called you're girlfriend a ho ,

so what's ya gonna do about it yo ?

Nothing , because you know that she's a ho .

Peter Black's right and I told you before .

Listen to me and let her go , let that fucken ho go

yo , just let that fucken ho go !

She's no good for you or I .

Last Night she punched you in tha eye .

Let her go homie just let her cry .

She won't die ,

At least I don't think so .

Just let her go , homie , I'm , telling you to let her go , homie .

So what's real , I'll tell you fucken what ,

Some people don't know when to keep their fucken mouths shut

But I do and I'll school you on dis ,

be smart , don't act like a fucken bitch .

I'm Peter Black Giving Props out to tha Rich .

Giving Props out to Jugovich

Haterz Fucken with my man Mista Mead end up in da dich

Dissenfranchising with tha 604 cliq an't wise

This is black lagoon tha new record franchise

I want to be like Nefarious Blue and have many wives , many wives

My Cousin Nefarious is a Seik and he has lived many lives .


" TBA " Peter Black " Black Lagoon - Mista Mead & 604 Cliq Collaboration 11/27/2008 Thursday



2 " Wife Iz A Bitch "

I'm at home everything seems cool ,

Jugovich , Downlow , Black Lagoon Rule ,

I'm rearanging tha c.d.'s putting them in order

All I hear nowadays on tha radio is a vocoder ,

Tecknology's changed so much It's like I can't keep up

Everyday there's something new to set up

But that's not the only thing

These woman nowadayz are bing

They talk so much shit , their mouth moves so fast

They wear tight pants to show off their ass

Looking for commitmint , but only when their over 30

After High School girls get so so dirty

From 18 to 30 all they do is fuck

Have multiple boyfriends fuck and suck in da truck

It's funny how woman turn to skanks when their 18

In junior high they all wanted to wait , oh what a dream

Telling fairytale stories about what they gonna do when they grew up ,

Dumb bitch just shutup

You're not gonna lose you're virginity when you get married

You're not cinderella and I'm not you're ferry .



Dumb Girl you act so precious

When you turn 18 you wanna bust some nutz

Now you're in you're 20's and you're scandeleous slutz

Having 2 boyfriends in one night

You're shitz loose it's not tight

Now you're 30 and you want to get married

How many dicks has you're pussy carried ?

Allways screaming and yelling oh you fucken bitch

Peter Black's Wife Iz A Bitch


Chorus End

I was in tha house one day

My wife told me she's very busy today

Stop what you're doing and let's have sex

I told my wife I was busy and I wasn't ready for sex

Then she got really mad and started swearing

She wanted that big fat Peter Black dick tearing

Yeah well I want you cunt , but just not right now

I'm reorganizing that c.d.'s give me half n hour don't have a cow

No , my wife said no

You're hobbies are more important so I'm gonna leave

I didn't say nothing I just let my wife percede

to leave the house and go to her stupid dumb appointments

Where exactly are these appointments ?

Do you really need em ? Oh I guess you woman really need them .

So someone can hear you're voice

Say all those stupid feminim things choice

You don't want to talk to you're man

Well dumb stupid baby oh man

I'm mad at you for walking out

I'm not talking to you till you apologise no doubt

How could you treat Peter Black so bad

This an't a group home and I an't you're Step Dadd .




Now it's nighttime and I'm just kicking back

I just had my dinner , Black 4 Jack

Then my cell phone goes off

It's my old lady calling I just laugh and cough

I an't gonna pick it up , I'm still mad at her

I'm gonna take my time enjoy my wine yes sir

A couple minutes later she calls again

This time she leaves a message on my answering machine speaken '

She tells me she's so sorry

She tells me that she's so horney

She'll do anything to make it up for me

Cook diner even let me stick it in her ass so crazy

She's so sorry she's been such a bitch

She'll do anything for me oh man what a bitch

She calls 10 minutes later and I answer it

My wife says she' s sorry and she wants to give me it

I say okay , come back home ,

It's better to get laid then to be all alone

Now she comes home and she take me to the room

We're fucken and sucken in tha bedroom

I'm about to cum and she tells me to pull out

Fucken woman these days don't want to have to much kids no dought

What ever happened to the good old days when woman had 5 or 6 kids ,

Peter Black loves a familly and I love lot's of kids

I love my wife because she's got a tight warm cunt ,

Sometimes It's shaved , sometimes it's not

All that we go through for this

My wife iz a Bitch !




The End


2 " Wife Iz A Bitch " Black Lagoon 11/28/2008 Friday




3 " Everyday "


Chorus :

Everyday I Hustle Stack Chips Break Bread Get My Mayanise

Everyday I Ride Collide West Side Van East BCGZ 187 em dead

Everyday I Sex , Chase Skirts , Run with tha joggers , flirt , Duece magirt

Everyday I floss , boss , rick ross , vanilla Ice , oh I'm as cold as ice


Everyday All Day Everyday


Chorus End


Everyday I stunt

On point stay blunt

Man about my buisness

Worry about you're self please mind you're own business

I don't like to hate

But I enjoy a good date

With the freak of the month

Beautifull British Columbia woman I humpth

Puffen blowen' house down

Breaken' everybody up to the compound




Legend from tha Rich

Putting Haterz in tha dich

Maken money cashin g'z

Listening to old school Real R-I-C-G'z

Props always gonna out to those who don't front

Good woman that know how to satisfy their man

Actions first ask questions later

Like M.C. Dubb I don't have time 4 a Hater .

Just got time for a moneymaker

Peter Black tha 70's kid heart breaker

Looking good every day of my life

I gotta do it , flex and muscle to it

This rap that I love

These crazy Canadian woman that I thug

In tha chatlines 604-629-9999

Having lot's of fun getten myn

Or even 604-257-5757

Met a big fat blag girl oh heaven




It's another great day things are moving

It's Friday night and tha Parties Grooving

Listing to that Black Lagoon

Everybodies staying up tonight nobody wants to go home too soon

This is one good life we liven

There an't nothing like that West Coast Liven

Hustling making money all the time

Living it up always on tha grind

Improving on tha daily

Meeting some drunkeez so crazy

They all use rubberz cause they don't want no babies

They are so casual

the things they do in bed are unimanigible

Lot's of lust in Vancouver

The skirts are quick to do ya

Men on a mission

American Thanksgiving

Black Friday brings some good deals

Rappers on tha mike shake what they feals .

And they feel this on tha daily

Black Lagoon Jugovich maken ' em crazy



The End

3 " Everyday " Black Lagoon 11/28/2008 Friday




4 " So Siccc "


I'm so siccc with mith dick

I play with it on tha daily

I suck my dick sometimes mayby

You wanna suck my dick oh you must be crazy

I'm always running and jogging into the bush I an't lazy

I gotta get myn like M.C. Breed

Greater Vancouver's got all I need

It's gott lot's of girls with big titties and hairy clits

It's got lot's of parks where I can take big shits

Have fun run after dogs and burn logs

If you've got game you can live for free in Burns Bog

But I 'd rather live in the bush in Medicine Hat

Work at Lake Side stack my money fat

The airs so dry out there

I live in the bush in Medicine Hat and nobody cares

Everybodies busy with their own lives

Rick Jabs is up all night eating chives


Chorus :

I'm so siccc wit tha gangsta

I'm so siccc

I'm so siccc I'll suck my own dick

I'm so siccc

I'm so siccc I'll shove a toothpic up my bum and dick

I'm so siccc

I'm so siccc I'll run around naked King George Park with a hockey stick

I'm so siccc , so siccc , muthafucka I'm Peter Black and I'm siccc !!!


End Chorus

I'm so siccc when I get up everyday

Always thinken about scratch and pay

Today is a good day because everythings going my way

Just saw Duece's boss on the highway

He was drinking a lotta of liquor

So I hitchhiked with him to make things a little sicccer

Have some beer he told me No problem I told him back

I told him my name and that I was Black 4 Jack

Then I asked the boss if he ever ate a big mack

At Mc Donalds and I have some in my luch bag

I told he I've got a big mack too but it's not from Mc Donalds

It's located between my legs and it fundles

The boss stoped the car and told me to get out

I grabbed the pencil and put it in his penis and he screamed no dought

He'll never forget that day no dought as I ran away




I called up Crazy K to meet me one day

We went to Minoru Park on a Sunday

We talked for a while untill I got all horney and shit

I told Crazy K look at my pants I got a big dick

He jumped and smiled , no way he exiled

Can I hold it he asked no Crazy I passed

You an't a jogger and you don't have a job

Crazy let's see you're teeth have you ever done a blow job

Crazy was getting excited and delighted

Then I got out my pencil and I put it up his bum

It hurt so much Crazy K went numb

I ran away again I had so much fun

Time to go to Superstore and get some free food

It's lunch time and I'm a hungry dude

My dick looks like a carrot

And it bights like a pharrot




The End


4 " So Siccc " The Black Lagoon 12/02/2008 12:00 P.M. Tuesday



5 " I've Got Rhymez Galore "


Chorus :



Baby , I've got Rhymez Galore

Oh yeah , baby , I've got Rymez Galore

When we're loving on tha floor

When we're finished you tell me you want more

Well baby I've got Rhymez Galore ,

Rhymez Galore , Baby I've got Rhymez Galore


End Chorus



My girlfriend , she's a hell of a woman

She makes me breakfast every morning

After eating she gets me going

Whatever I do today I'll be thinking of you

You treat me so good I'll never be cheating on you

I tell all my friends I'm so lucky to be with you

My day goes by so quickly because later on tonight I'll be sleeping with you

All my co-workers say Peter Black why you so happy ?

We've got a lot of work to do and the weather's so crappy

Why you always so happy Peter , why you always so happy ?

I tell em :


Chorus :


It's the end of the day , I'm leaving my job

I got all my work done , I an't no slob

I work hard for my money , so I got to work hard for my baby

You only live life once and you can't be lazy

I stop by my friends house to see how he's doing

Chat for half n hour then I get moving

Stop by the liquor store to get me some wine

I know later on tonight I'll be having a great time

The clouds clear up and its sunny

I laugh to myself and I think it's funny

That I keep on coming with these rhymez and I never stop or quit

I play this game like Chess everything's gotta fit

I call you up on the phone and you tell me you're waiting for me

Better get something sexy on it's going down baby




Rap :

So many pieces to the pussle

My voice and lyrics you cannot muzzle

Significantly I'm dominant on tha mike

These waters I cruise are tight

Listen when I talk , Saduce you when I walk

Flow wit these mellowdies like tha Pacific

You're legs and body are intriscic

Eyes beautifull like the sea stone

I'll kiss and kudle all over the home

I love you're body every inch and centi - metre

I'll go downtown on you just like a beaver

Rolling up and down , skin to skin

Vitamins , minerals and gin sing

Pashion in every kiss

I know you love this

It's great to have a beautifull girl like you in my world

When we lie down together I love it when you play with my curl

Let's dance the night away

And sleep in all day




The End


5 " I've Got Rymez Galore " Black Lagoon 11/02/2008 Tuesday 1:00 P.M. Broadway & Commercial




6 " Let Me Put This Big Boy In You're Life "


You sexy girl my names Peter Black I'm here to rock you're world

Fall Into my arms I'll take care of you

All night together I can be with you

You sexy bitch you really turn me on

When we have sex I put it in strong

When I choose you I know I wasn't wrong

It's very successfull you're days are so stressfull

So come here at night and let me take you're stress away

After a night with me you'll have a great day !

And after the foreplay you can tell you're girlfriends about me

All the great special things about me

And then you're girlfriends can become my friends too

And you know we'll have so many great things to do



You're Body is bangen

Let Peter Black put this big boy in you're life

You're pussy looks hairy and tight

Can I put this big boy in you're life

If you fuck me good I'll make you my wife

Let Me Put This Big Thing In You're Life

Nobody can satisfy like I can

So Let Me Put This Big Thing In You're Life !!


Chorus End


You don't have to be quiet you can let you're emotions go free

You do anything you want when you're fucken with me

I'll lick you're legs , I'll suck you're pussy clit

Let Me Put My Dick In You're Bum Where You Took A Shit

If you're hairy down there I can eat you're pussy hairs

Put some honey on them who cares

I'll suck you're clit so good

It's not broadway it's hollywood

Tell you're friends Peter Black likes to go down

I lick their vaginas untill they go red brown

Peter Black likes big titties

No doubt about it my sexy kitties

Breasts turn me on so badly

I like looken at shirt tops so badly

I wanna grab you breast and hold on you're titties

Suck on you're titties , If you 're a single mom I'll drink you're titties

I hope you give me a lot of vitamins with you're breast milk

When I grab you're ass it feels like silk




Step Daddy J :

J Child 2008 , tha year of the hate

But it's also the year I drink some titty milk with my steak

Sexy girl come here I wanna freak ya

Take off you're bra I wanna geek ya

Then lay down in the bed and clean ya

Welcome to my world it's 5000 J

Baby hold on it's gonna be okay

My cell phone rings and it's black majic lady

She starts yelling at me telling me some things that are crazy

Stuff that's not true don't make any sense

Mayby she's lonly and looking for suspence

She hangs up before I can tell her off

Fucken bitch get a life stop prankcalling people you jackoff

Anyways let's get back to what we where doing

Some good sexy times are what we're persuing

Touch my muscles when I go down on you

It's my Croatian Tongue that will do

All most anything to help satisfy you

Give you multiple orgasims just like that

What do you think about that Peter Black ?




Talk A Little


The End

6 " Let Me Put This Big Boy In You're Life " Black Lagoon 12/03/2008 Wensday Commercial and Broadway



7" I Wanna &*(k you're Mother ! "


I'm the shower water's so hot

I've got the soap and I put it in the right spot

I'm feeling really good when I touch myself

Just a little over here I'm feeling stilth

I put moisterising cream all over my body

I gotta look good so them hoes can't be snooby

Lock my hair in a pony tail and throw on my Orange Hat

Put on some orange clothes now I'm looking real fat

I go outside it's a beautifull night

I walk by the park and I see a great sight

Some kids with their mother walking

I couldn't believe how sexy this mother was so I started talking

How are you doing tonight my dear

You 're so fine are you single and clear

She told me yes and I jumped in the air

My pants almost came off and I didn't even care

Then her oldest son told her let's go

I wanna go home and watch t.v and so

I asked her can I come along too ?

She smiled at me and said yes yahoo !




You sexy bitch

You look so fine

You're a top notcher

When I take off you're clothes I wanna watch you

I'm might be you dream lover

I wanna fuck you're mother !!

Fuck Fuck , Suck Suck , Fuck Fuck , Suck Suck Suck , I Wanna Fuck You're Mother !!

X 2


Chorus End


I'm in her house talking to her

Saying how great she is and that her skin is soft like fur

I asked her in bed does she pur ?

She told me I've got to find out

This is going to be a very fun time no dought

The kids all go to the living room

She puts the T.V. on for them then she invites me to the bedroom

In the bedroom she crawls on her bed

Sticks out her tongue and invited me to her bed

I take off her clothes , she takes off myn too

I'm guiddy with excitement there's so much we can do

Lick my chest , lick my body , sexing and fucken you're mother is my hoby .




She spread open her legs so I put it in

I'm pretty shure she's not Mexican

Up Up yep I hit tha spot

She grabbed my hair and told me Peter Don't Stop

I'm siccc in the head so I'm glad you grabbed my head

I'll fuck you real good I'm gonna break your bed

My dick is long makes you moan and sqeak

I'm not incredible e I'm not a geek

But what I am baby is a West Coast Playa 4 Life

I'm Peter Black you know I've never had a wife

Nefarious Blue is my cousin and I'll fuck you by the dozen

You don't need to go to Main and Marine to get you're dozen roses

Just freak it with Peter Black and give out a dozen sexual poses

I wanna fuck you're mother because she's got big tits

I wanna fuck you're mother because after I fuck her I take big shits

I wanna fuck you're mother because she drives a nice car

I wanna fuck you're mother because she treats me like a superstar

I wanna fuck you're mother because she's always horney

I wanna fuck you're mother because she dresses corney

I wanna fuck you're mother because she always sucks my dick

I wanna fuck you're mother because she says Peter Black 's siccc !




The End


7" I Wanna &*(k you're Mother ! " Black Lagoon Tuesday December.9 2008




8 Under Tha Sheets


Chorus :


Sing :

Under The Sheets

I want something to eat

I want something to grab and beat

I want a freak 21 times a week

We Can Have Some Fun , under the sheets

We Can Flip it , Freek It, Seik It , Baho Guru Geet it

Ohhh , under tha sheet .


Chorus End


Peter Black Rap

Under tha sheets their is so much fun

Sticking pencils into my bum

Grabbing my cock I'm jerking off

Don't bother me I playing with my self in the sheets so fuck off

Can't you see this is the best thing I could do with my time

When I play with my self under the sheets I get ideas for a rhyme

Porno Magazines and Telivision I don't really need

I just use my mind it's very usefull in deed

I can sing to myself under the sheets

Do a freestyle rap about myself being in heat

I can tell you're mother to come here with me

I don't care get the sheets dirty let's pee .

Urination all over my bed

Instead of going to the washroom let's take a shit instead

Let's take a shit in my bed it's so good

I don't have time to go to the washroom wood




Let's have a great time on my penis sprinkle some crystal lime

Now suck the crystals off my penis

My cum is ready to come out and it's hot like venus

I put my legs over my head and try to suck my toes

Don't try this at home without Peter black you stupid hoes

I do an ab crunch and then I suck my dick

I scratch my ass with my dad's toothpic

I stick my hand down my bum

poke myself in the ass it's all good fun

Jump up and down under tha sheets

Looking real dumbfounded like some arab shieks




I grabbed a pencil and brought it to my bed

I grabbed some more pencils out of my shed

I was feeling horney and I didn't give a shit

I'm Peter Black I put the pencil in my dick !!

It felt so good when I hit my wood

I grabbed another pencil and I put it in my bum

With all of my pencils I was having so much fun

I took my hair and put it in my dick

I bent down and I started licking that shit

It felt real good cause I like doing it

Under tha sheets I'm renewing it !

Under my muthafucken sheets I'm reviewing it

After a week my sheets are stained and extemly dirty

So I call up my seik cousin to come and pick em up

Nefarious Blue take em back to you're house for a cleanup

Cause Peter Black doesn't know how to clean clothes

But like Step Daddy J I do know how to pimp hoes

That's why I don't need a 9 to 5 I gets myn

Under Tha Sheets I Get Freaky with myself for a time

I lose my mind , I lose my voice

Under tha sheets is Peter Black's Choice




The End


8 " Under Tha Sheets " Black Lagoon 12/9/2008/Tuesday




9 Love Tha Black


Sick and Twisted

Pick and Conjested

I got the biggest collection of running shoes

I don't hang out at liquor stores and drink boose

I push and push boss play like George Bush

Making Haterz Run Turning Them into mush

A super hero like Batman

Christmas like Santa Claus the Fat Man

Peter 's Coming To A Hood Near You For Some Gifts For You

If you've been bad boys then I can't give you any toys

Deep into the night making lots of noise

King Of The Jungle King Of King George Park

It's pretty quiet these days after dark

Summer turns to Fall , Fall turns to Winter

You play with wood and fire you get a splinter

I don't have so much pain I put my faith in God

Things are always looking up cause I look to the above

It's just the game that I kick and my rhymez that are so sick

They got my back

Cause they love tha Black


Chorus :


Children , Teenagers , Adults , Grandparents , Greatgrandparents All Go Jack

They Love Tha Black

Presidents , Primeministers , Kings , Queens , Priemeres , Mayors all hit tha sack

They Love Tha Black

Canadians , Americans , Mexicans , Guatamalans , Croatians , Ukrainians , Russians feel the impact

They all love the Black

When you listen to these rhymez and hit these tymes mack

They Love Tha Black


Chorus Ends


Days Turn Into Nights , Nights turn into years

Things Change as the morning fog clears

Battles Won and Lost

Playaz in the game paying the cost

Sometimes you win , sometimes you lose

I stay up all night and practice my tools

I can't really help the fools

I stay true to the game

I feel no pain because I'm not lame

That's why they love me

That's why they chrish me

Treasure me and offer great big presents to me

Respect is earned no given

Money comes to you sometimes it's hidden

I find things everywhere

Bags , Jackets and Healthcare

Finders Keepers Losers Weepers

I'm been around tha block

Some things I could tell you would truly indeed shock !

Been places you never wanna be but I liked it

Got punched kicked in the back of my head in February 2002 but I liked it

Where are those haterz now ? Nowhere

My cousin Nefarious Blue put a seik curse on them and there

They love tha black that's why if they mess with the Black Nefarious Blue puts a seik curse on them

I only only roll with the real men




Fire and water kill and slaughter

Make money get that honey

Night clubs that charge are a waste of money

That's why it's the Chatline for me

604-257-5757 for you and me

Meet a freak or a friend

Practice practice and you'll win in the end

Exercise stay healthy

Be spiritual pray mentality

I could seduce you're mind with my brain

I was born like that , I was born with this game

That's why they love me

That's why I get stuff for free babe

I just keep on funking it up you know what

Wear something real cool that's what's up

It's the appearance that tantilizes the scenses

Work out , make love at the forenzes

Shower boss it up look lovely

Got a big old afro puff like Bill Cosby

I shave my myself twice a week

I could do it 21 times a week that's why I'm a freak




The End


9 " Love The Black " Black Lagoon 12/10/2008/Wensday




10 Black and Blue


I love my cuz

That's not the latest word or tha buzz

Nefarious Blue is my blood

He's my familly and I've got nothing but love

He's my homie , he's my thug

Anything he needs any time

We hang out together and do some rap rhymez

Talk to each other about what's going on in our lives

I feel good when I hang out with my cuz


Nefarious Blue Rap

Hangen with you Peter I have so much fun

I go crunk I go ko ko dumb

Hangen at that Broadmour 7-11

Flirting with the girls teven

Me and Peter Black kick that smack bozack rat ta tat

We both like meeting girls that are curvey and fat

On that Live Links Chatline

After 10 P.M. Wensday Nights it's that good hotline


These big girls you meet are from heaven

Nice First Nation Girls Nice big hips and sexy banock bum

Get with Black and Blue yum yum yum .


Chorus :


Black and Blue

Cousinz Fo Life What's Ya Gonna Do ?

Black and Blue

Peter Black and Nefarious Blue Forever We Stay True

Black and Blue

Neafious Blue's My Cousin

Black and Blue

Peter Black's My Cousin

Black and Blue

It's a Pervert and a Seik nothings changed nothing's new


Chorus End


Peter Black Rap :

When I first saw my cousin I know he was gonna be someone special

Someone who could walk the walk with much potential

Nefarious was born a seik crypt

49 th and Main it's straight off the gangsta tip

English and Punjabi

Steak with my bambi

From East Vancouver to East Richmond we get it done

From Shellmont to Hastings we have lot's of fun

Hangen out by that Fraser River

Dope rhymes we will always deliver

Making all the haterz quiver

We do it like that because we cool like that

Making a fat girl purr like a cat


Nefarious Blue Rap :

And you can bet she's gonna purr all night long

When she with Blue she better hold on strong

Because like my Cousin Peter I'm a bread winner

I'm a real go - getter and a real sinner

I castrate , mutilate a spinner

I hate woman that wanna play us for some chumps

I put these woman in the south arm pool dumps

Hangen out with our home boy Step Daddy J

We write rhymes , eat good food , exercise all through the day

Living that good life could never go though that strife

Satisfation always guarenteed

Green like that Cowichin Weed

At the night club straight rub - ba - dub

It's Black and Blue Dub




Peter Black Rap : It's straight litigation when Peter Black and Nefarious Blue are on the scene

It's the allstar conference united dream team

I ko - kick that rap like strap la nat

And hit the babeball far with the bat

I'm a good athlete because it's in my jeans

I never stopped I always chased my dreams

Always played on the best teams

Team like Jugovich and Black Lagoon

Dry like tha dessert Mount Seymour like tha moonsoon

I made a lot of money in Richmond with the cool homie Paul Comb

playing basketball at Richmond High in the mid - 90's

In the 80's there was a lot of tighties


Nefarious Blue Rap


Tighties and whities and sunshine coast Powel River outees

Barbeques and Steak views pizza and lobster

I get my lobster from Superstore not from the Keg Restaurant monster

$ 50 a plate that's way too expensive

I rather go to my mother's house and get surpalative

Go to my mother's house and eat for free

Drinks and Dessert free too it's so easy

Me and Peter go to Superstore buy Chicken and eat it at Subway

Then we hang out bust rymes by the creek

It's how we do when we neet

Sqeeky clean from my feet to my head

I like um 200 pounds and up in my bed

More pushing for the cushion I give her tuition

It's an institution Black and Blue

Cousins for life I thought ya know

Partying it up living it up that's how we do !




The End


10 " Black and Blue " Black Lagoon 12/10/2008 Wednesday




11 Joggers Sunny Day


It's Sunny Today

Thursday so I've got to get it my way

Relaxin Maxin Faxin Packin never jacken

No Peter Black got no beef

I just had a big breakfast to eat

Some outmeal with Baked Potatoes on the bottom

I see a couple of people that have hit rock bottom

The times are changing the economy is cottom

Not too many jobs left so some people turn to theft

But me I hang out by the tree

On a clear blue day it's as far as you can see

I see a jogger dressed up like a logger

I come up to great him , he stops shakes my hands lim

Then I pull his shorts down and grabs his cock

He doesn't like this he says don't touch my cock

So I let go and he runs away

Another Sunny Jogger's Day


Chorus :


I see em running

I see em comming

It's sunny outside so I show my bumming

I take a big shit in the hole

I put the pencil in my asshole

I see a jogger and I meet him

I grab his dick and then I beat him



Chorus Ends


I'm in the bush and I'm playing with myself

Nobody can see I love it by myself

So many memories of the park

Joggers come at all hours twilight and dark

I like em in the morning and I like em at noon

I like em in the evening and I like em soon

Sooner enough I see another one

Time to have some fun and get me some

yum yum and it's not even time for dessert

Sometimes I like it wet sometimes I like it wet like the dessert

I want to go to Osoyoos

Hang with Deez Nutz and Drink some booze

Go swimming in lake jerk off with myself and bake

Get A Good southern Okanogan Tan

I'm Peter Black I'm Tha Orange Roughy Man

Tha J Child taught me to tan

Hangen Out at Erington Park playing basketball slam

I could Tan In Richmond , I Could Tan in Vancouver , I could Tan in Burnaby , I could Tan in Kamloops , I could Tan in Penticton , I could Tan in Osoyoos , But the best thing for me is to hang out in that bush

It's Peter Black's home cush

Seeing joggers on a beautifull sunny day

meeting and playing with them all day



I just met a jogger this afternoon

I noticed he had two pairs of underwear on soon

He know I would try to pull his pants down

He know I would try to put my arms down

This jogger was real smart , he was gifted at art

I told him slow down for me

I've got something for him to see

He stopped and he came close

I pulled down my pants and showed him my rose

My rose was stuck in my anus

I sqirmed in pain and hanus

I told him to help me please

Lay me down and relax me with ease

Spread open my legs because there in a lot of pain too

Oh it hurts rights here can you touch it too ?

Yeah just a little bit higher

I'm in so much pain oh help me I feel like a tire

Hold my cock cause it feels like it's falling off

Now start rubbing it like it's time to jack off

Sueeze it hard sueeze it slow just don't let me go

Ahh Ahh yeah that feels good and great

Splish Splish I ejaculated on you're face

The jogger didn't know what to do

So he grabbed my cock and started sucking

He said Peter Black you're good for nothing

Bumpen Bumpen always into something

All you young kids better be learning something




The End


11 " Joggers Sunday " Black Lagoon 12/11/2008 Thursday Hastings / Nanaimo




12 " Hangen With Tha 604 Cliq "


Suck ass listin up

Peter Black's here wit tha 604 Cliq so it's 3 fingers up

1 finger for Mista Mead he'll beat up you're dad

Mista Mead 's got everything the sexy girls need

Mista Mead will fuck a chick for 3 hours and then smoke some weed

Another finger for IZK

All he does is smoke weed all day

I live in the bush IZK lives in a group home

IZK 's straight gangsta he can't be left alone

IZK got a real big dick

First Nation Girls Say He's Sick

Then there's M.C. Dubb

In Coquitlam they got much love

M.C. Dubb ain't nothing but a Coquitlam Gangsta Thug

He Ain't got time for the haterz and he's leaving ya'll in the mud

So that's what up and all you suckerz better recognize

That Peter Black and tha 604 Cliq ain't nothing nice




Other Rappers Rap


We ain't nothing nice so if you want to step un up then it will be an ultimate sacrifise

Messing with Peter Black , Mista Mead , IZK and M.C. Dubb you'll pay a price

IZK an't nothing but a gangsta that will love you're sis

He'll sex her good so she can feel this

Who rock tha party like M.C. Dubb

Partying into the Coquitlam night fog

Make you dizzy like Mista Mead 's sleepless nights

Come to the bush if you want some Peter Black fights

Sick and perverted black heart

dangerous unpredictible in the dark

Creepin in ditches

Baseball bats create stiches

Shantoose in tha studio mixen so you can feel this

604 Cliq Peter Black I thought you knew this


12 " Hangen With Tha 604 Cliq " Black Lagoon 12/11/2008 Thursday




13 " Sexy Sexy "




Sexy Sexy , Peter Black is Sexy Sexy

Sexy Sexy , Peter Black is so Sexy Sexy

Sexy Sexy , Do You Want To Get next To Me Me Me

Sexy Sexy , Do You Want To Have Sex With Me

Sexy Sexy , Do You Want To Have My Baby ?

Sexy Sexy , Peter Black is Sexy Sexy

x 2

Chorus End


Sexy Sexy , Do you want to freak it with me ?

Peter Black will straight up take you to extecy

One night with me and I know you're going to be having my baby

My sperm is strong and it won't go wrong

I'll put my dick in real deep and it will hit you strong

You can't stop me because If you do you're wrong

Just take off the g - string and you're thong !

If it's hairy I'll eat it off , you know I'm strong

Let Me Grab You're Tits with my hands

Let me suck on you're tits with my bands

You know you like me because I'm a freak

I wear orange and I do it 21 times a week

I don't really want em old I want em young

18 to 36 nice and juicy their sprung

Older woman they like my tongue

They like when I go downtown on them

Stick my tongue right inside of them

Orgasim Orgasim , Multiple Orgasims

The Older Ladies Like That

When I stick my finger up their bum they nap




Now younger girls yeah their more picky

Their cunts are newer and their cum is sticky

Their breasts are hard and prickley

They like sex like all the time

Their young stupid crazy and wild

Sometimes they get so drunk

Sometimes there sluty and they go home with any punk

Granville Street there's a lot of clubs

A lot of clubs a lot of clubs

They come dancing to the music and getting some rubs

They don't want to go home with any wanny by thugs

They want a man like Peter cause they want my loves

They wanna dance with me all night long , all night strong , they can't go wrong

They know Peter will satisfy their thong

If you've got game then they'll buy a drink

Conversate Co-Kick that game

You can't be played you can't be lame

Driving these girls crazy like every day

Having fun and going to after-parties getting me some

These girls are nice but their freaks in the bed

Asian girls especially that's what I said

Always screaming when they get an orgasim

I pull their hair fuck them from behind give them a spasim

Their so young and their bodies are fine

She's all myn so it's check out time




Sexy girls around the world you love me

First Nation girls have big breasts and they want to have sex with me

They like my dick , my British Columbia dick

First Nations girls they like it siccc

To tell you the truth Native Girls are Peter 's Favourite Girls

They like to party and shake their worlds

Beautifull smiles so sexy they like the fun

Black Lagoon I'm gonna stick my dick in their bum

Yum Yum , First Nations girls come get you some

Now Asian girls , there cool too

They'll suck you're dick so dam good !

At the Chevron Gasoline Station Maine and Marine

2:00 In Tha Morning straight gizz and cream

Asian girls like to suck do you know what I mean

There more harder to get in bed on a Friday Night

Asian Girls like money and their cunts are tight

Canada's so big and their's so much cunt around

Girls of all ages and sizes go straight to the pound

Cause Peter Black's gonna fix you before they put you down

Come to my bush and I'll lay you down

I'll eat you're pussy hairs with my mouth

Stick my dick real deep inside you're clit down south

I'm not pussywipped I don't slave for a girl

The woman's treat me real good and they rock my world

Life is short so you better make the most of it

Girls love touchy feely sex , don't forget about it !




Say Some Words


The End


13 " Sexy Sexy " Black Lagoon 12/12/2008 Friday




14 These Days


Nefarious Blue Rap :

It's not 2002 anymore

The sadness bells the floor

It's 2008 the the year of hate

Wifes call Social Workers on their husbands

Social Workers call Police for lends

It's a messed up world where a woman can have more power then a man

The man is sopposed lead the household not be a slave , dam

Now what do these social workers think about a crazy wife ?

Who yells and swears at her husband all the time

Verbal abuse is much worser than physical abuse

So why is J Child kicked out of the house for over a month ? Because he pushed Jaden out of bed so he could get to his soccer game for sonth

He got a carpet burn and yeah it was wrong

But It doesn't justify kicking the man of the house cause the wrong

How come you didn't kick my dad out of the house when he used to beat me up ?

He gave me the belt , punched my gut , bashed my brains , that's what's up

All J did was give his son a carpet burn

I didn't give him the belt surn

Or punch him in the stomack like my dad used to do

Social Workers you better realize before you speak what you're sopposed to do .




These days , social workers can take you're kids away

If you're not carefull , they might runaway

These days , social workers can call the police on you

You've got no power you have to listen to them what can you do

When I was young my dad used to beat me up

Give me the belt , bash my head and punch me in the gut

Social Services never took my dad away

I pushed my son once know they took me away

The system 's messed up , that's all I got to say


Chrous End


Peter Black Rap : These days life's a little different from the 80's

More people use birth control so there's a lot less babies

Lot less fun theres more people on the run

People scared hiding inside their house with a gun

The world's paranoid because of 9/11

Security and Insurance , Pestillance and Ignorance

Social Workers and The RCMP , why you wanna take my children away from me ?

I'm just trying to raise them right

Give them knowledge , good nutrition , a roof over their head so they can sleep at night

I'm not perfect I'm just human I'm trying to do the best job that I can

My dad raised me like crap so now I'm trying to raise my son a better man

I work long hours I do everything for my kids

My wife screams and yells at me I got to walk away and not trouble the kids

I got a crazy wife at home , that's how it is these days

Where you're wife barks orders bosses you around that's how it is these days

You can't say nothing back or else you're wife's gonna give you smack

You're wife can hit you but you can't hit her back

Cause if you hit you're wife the RCMP will arest you and take you to jail

Whatever happened to the good old days when a wife would listen

Clean the house and wash the children

Have at least 8 kids it's a happy familly

Nowadays Woman just want one child , to me that's a boring lonly family

Woman nowadays make you pull out

What kind of sex is that ? I don't want to pull out !!




Nefarious Blue Rap :

These days there's a lot of trouble

Woman are liberated if you mess up you stumble

You can't talk back down to them or they'll smack you're mouth

One time my wife punched me in the forehead south

I just walked away because I knew she was nothing but trouble

Woman these dayz cause nothing but trouble

They call social workers on their husbands for a carpet burn on their son

Now their husbands gone but the show's gotta go on


Peter Black Rap :

Older woman especially they don't care about their husbands anymore

They just wanna spend their husbands money so their man can have no more

Self respect for himself because he gives everthing to his dirty money hungry wife

Woman are so nice when you first met them , then 2 years later there so bad for you're life

Take em out to movies dinner at the keg

The man comes home all happy but the wife is angry she wants to break his leg

She swears at her husband and it hurts reel deep

Cuts her husbands heart open inside her husband weep

Wives are sopposed to keep the familly together not destroy it

Those days they loved their husbands and had lot's of kids and enjoyed it

These days they want just a few kids and boss their husbands around in their wayz

Things just ain't right , these dayz .




The End


14 " These Days " Black Lagoon 12/12/2008/Friday Hastings / Nanaimo




















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